What insights have you gained from this section?

For me, there are 2 critical take-aways:

  1. we have a core of ‘hard-wired’, instinctive ways of thinking, the result of genes, experience and repetitive ‘firing’. But these are predispositions not ‘inevitabilities’ (apologies for my butchering of the English language). We can create new neural pathways and, over time, these can become our default.  
  2. the more you work on creating new neural pathways, the more able you will be to adapt to adapt, allowing you to be the best version of you in any given situation. 

The personality models we explored earlier help you to look at yourself from different angles. But whichever box you are in currently – D-or-I-or-S-or-C – remember, you can change.


So with this in mind, why not create a list of current attributes, thought processes or beliefs that you would like to work on changing. Be very clear about why you want the change because change is hard!

ChangeHow it will benefit meWhat I will do
Be less defensive when my ideas are criticised

Better relationships

Improved ideas

Less stress


Ask for more information

Encourage people to give me feedback more often


Include your list in your 3R activities.

And please, share any successes, challenges, tips …