Understanding Stakeholders

How to adapt your influencing approach based on the position of the other party.

In the video, you encountered a strangely-named stakeholder: the bedfellow. This term originates at sea, where space is generally at a premium. If you are a member of a ship’s crew, while you are on deck, another crew member will be sleeping. And then the roles are reversed. It doesn’t make sense for each of you to have a bed since only one person will need it at a a time. So you share; you are ‘bedfellows’. However, while it clearly makes sense, you probably suspect that your bedfellow does not treat the bed in the same way as you do. You worry that he or she eats biscuits, cuts their toenails and has poor personal hygiene.

You don’t trust them!

Stakeholder Analysis

Here is a link to our Stakeholder Analysis table, mentioned at the end of the video – click here to download.