Growth: Resilience, Failure and Quitting

A good plan and efficient systems are rarely enough; there is just too much happening in the world and things will go wrong and obstacles will block your way. Sometimes the only way through is bloody-minded perseverance and ‘grit’ and willpower have been shown to be amongst the best predictors of success. The good news is, these are not immutable; things that you either have or don’t have. Whatever your current level, you can develop greater resilience. As we have seen throughout this program, change the neural connections, the way you think, and you change the way you act. And I will share with you, techniques to increase your grit and willpower. 

However, heroically pushing on in the face of adversity is not always appropriate and we need to break free from conventional, misconceived, notions about ‘failure’. You will learn the critical questions to ask yourself that will help you to decide whether to persevere or quit.

Linking back to earlier modules on how your brain works, I will share with you surprising research on how your body can change your thought patterns – and how you can use simple methods to increase your productivity.

And finally, the greatest threat to your productivity: other people. I will help you to become more assertive – but without upsetting people!